Globally, including in developed nations, many underserved patient populations (UPPs) with advanced/metastatic breast cancer (ABC/mBC) do not have appropriate access to healthcare. In October 2019, a range of experts from various disciplines — including healthcare professionals, patient representatives, policymakers, and politicians — met to discuss and prioritize the critical needs of UPPs with mBC. This meeting identified 6 key challenges in access to care and proposed actionable solutions for each. The meeting attendees also published a report on addressing disparities and challenges in underserved patient populations with mBC in Europe.

To help address these challenges, the ABC Global Alliance and Pfizer Oncology have collaborated to develop a toolkit of relevant, community-based initiatives and best practice summary documents that aims to drive collaboration across the global ABC/mBC community. 

The toolkit is composed of the following materials:

  1. Initiative Repository
    Contains information on all initiatives included in the toolkit and allows users to filter and sort by different criteria to find those that are most relevant
  1. One-Page Summaries 
    Summaries of each initiative that can be accessed directly from the repository
    1. Best Practice Documents
      Collated through a combination of written submissions and interviews with the creators of initiatives across 4 categories
      • Educating Patients & HCPs About ABC/mBC
      • Support for Patients with ABC/mBC
      • Peer-to-Peer Support Groups or Platforms for Patients with ABC/mBC
      • Raising Awareness & Promoting Earlier Diagnosis
    To learn more, watch the video below: