Interactive Self-Assessment

Welcome to the Patient Interactive Self-Assessment Tool for Patient–Doctor Discussions

When it comes to discussing metastatic breast cancer (mBC), we can all use more guidance and support. This discussion aid can help you figure out if you’re getting all that you can out of the conversations with your doctor, help enhance your communication skills with health care professionals, and help you play more of a role in decision making.

Estimated Time: 3 minutes

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My thoughts and feelings matter to my treatment, so during my appointments I make sure my doctor is aware of:

(Choose all that apply)


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I try to be as prepared as possible for my doctor’s appointment by:


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After receiving my diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, and beginning my treatment plan discussion, I felt that:


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I make sure my doctor is aware:


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I know the names, responsibilities, and contact information of the following members of my healthcare team:

(Choose all that apply)


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I prefer to receive information and interact with my medical team:


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Next time I speak with my doctor, I will:



Great job!

You’re doing a lot to share in treatment discussions with your doctor. You clearly recognize the importance of open communication. We’ve included some resources you may find useful to help you to continue to have informed and helpful conversations with your doctor.

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To continue to strengthen the conversations between you and your doctor, consider these resources:

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