Find Your mBC Voice is a US-based website that launched in 2019 in partnership with leading metastatic breast cancer (mBC) advocacy organizations and healthcare providers (HCPs). 

This program encourages people living with mBC to take active roles in making a shared decision with their doctor about their treatment options. Find Your mBC Voice aims to help people living with mBC have more informed conversations with their doctors by providing a Treatment Discussion Guide. The interactive guide includes information on treatment options, goals, and questions that people can take to their appointments. 

Find Your mBC Voice is also the home of WMBC Radio, streaming radio that’s raising the level of conversation about mBC and sharing information and tools patients need to find their voice. Hosted by leading voices in the mBC community, broadcaster Meredith Vieira and medical oncologist Dr. Elizabeth Comen, WMBC radio is dedicated to helping people really talk about mBC.

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